¿Cuál es el precio de la supervivencia?

Eduardo llevaba una vida tranquila hasta que un huracán llamado Daniele pasó por ella. Nunca se sintió tan enamorado y casi no podía creer que ya habían planeado el casamiento y que pasaría su luna de miel a bordo del Seablue, uno de los más grandes transatlánticos del mundo.

En otro punto de San Pablo, vivía Joana que, llegada del interior, acababa de comprometerse con Igor, un hombre maduro con casi el doble de su edad. Igor quería sorprenderla con el pedido de matrimonio y los pasajes para su primer viaje a solas. En una semana, embarcarían en el Seablue.

Pero ninguno de ellos contaba con las vueltas del destino que, inesperadamente, pondría las vidas de Joana y Eduardo en jaque y haría que Daniele e Igor aprendiesen a convivir y susperar los obstáculos causados por la soledad y por el dolor de perder al verdadero amor.



Inácio Vaz acababa de llegar a París con algunas monedas en el bolsillo y un gran deseo de convertirse en abogado. Después de ser sorprendido por la belleza de Chloé Champoudry, mientras esperaba por la entrevista que le garantizaría la beca de estudios en la Sorbona, y encantado por la muchacha de los cabellos de fuego, cambió por error el Derecho por las Artes. Desesperado por haber renunciado a su sueño, Inácio descubre que su nombre no aparece en ninguna de las listas de matrícula. Dispuesto a aclarar el malentendido, no se da cuenta de que sus documentos de identidad habían sido cambiados. El rostro de la fotografía es el suyo, pero el nombre, el de otro. Stephen, su compañero de habitación, intenta convencerle para asumir la nueva identidad. Los documentos pertenecen al heredero de la dinastía Roux, un millonario desaparecido sin dejar rastro. Atrapado en un abanico de metiras y suspense, Inácio emprende una lucha contra su propia conciencia mientras, enamorado, busca a la mujer que le ha robado el corazón.



Michael’s eyes were like two emeralds. Incredibly green, they mirrored something sweet, a tenderness almost incredible, a kind of enchantment capable of enchanting her completely. Carmen couldn’t believe that he was alive, hidden in the ruins of the big house that once had been her family’s, in a remote and mysterious past, in which her mother, Teresa, made sure to protect her from. It was Michael who saved her grandmother, Francesca, when she had fled from the bloody massacres from the war in Italy; it was him who had saved her two children, from complete misery. And it was him who cursed them. Michael was the last of the vampires and only the last witch could make his deepest desire come true: to make a heir, capable of perpetuate the specie and continue his history.



Esiste un universo parallelo nei sogni.
Esistono esseri capaci di invadere le menti, creature mitologiche perdute nell’oblio.

Lorena credeva d’impazzire. Tutte le notti, il suo arci-nemico Hank Hirano invadeva i suoi sogni per spaventarla. Come se tutto ciò non fosse sufficiente, doveva aiutarlo nelle lezioni di Educazione Fisica, e per tutto il semestre il professore continuava a cambiare il suo compagno nelle ore di Biologia.
Lei sopportava a malapena la sua presenza, specialmente dopo che Hank le aveva confessato di vivere sogni identici ai suoi. La curiosità di Lorena, insieme agli ottimi voti di Hank in Biologia, erano motivi sufficienti per tollerarlo alcune ore al giorno.
La ricerca di risposte condurrà Lorena in un universo totalmente sconosciuto, dove umani e Kitsune, le famose volpi dalle nove code, sono allo stesso tempo alleati, creatori della pericolosa organizzazione de “I Signori dei Sogni”, e nemici mortali. 



Existe un universo paralelo dentro de los sueños.

Existen seres capaces de invadir la mente, craituras mitológicas, perdidas en el olvido.


Lorena pensba que estaba encloqueciendo. Todas las noches, su archienemigo, Hank Hirano, invadía sus sueños para sobresaltarla. Como si no fuera suficiente con tener que sopportarlo en las clases de Educación Física, el profesor de ahora lo tranformaba en su compañero en las clases de Biología, durante todo el trimestre.

Ella no soportaría su presencia si no fuera por el hecho de que Hank le había confesado que tenía sueños idénticos a los de ella. La curiosidad de Lorena, sumada a las excelentes notas de Hank en Biología, eran motivos suficientes para aguantarlo algunas horas por día.

La búsqueda de respuesta lleva a Lorena a un universo totalmente desconocido, en el que los humanos y los kitsunes, los famosos zorros de nueve colas, son al mismo tiempo aliados (al crear la peligrosa organización de los Señores de los sueños) y enenmigos mortales.

2020 - The Revelation


The scientist Jessica Salles didn't stop complaining, especially after her discovery was announced as the merit of her former teacher. It was not easy to admit that the science academy had ignored her. Only Father Victor, expulsed by Cornelio from the USP laboratories, had shown interest in her research. They became friends until Victor was attacked, almost losing his life. Police had linked the beating to other murders. But why had he survived? Suddenly Jessica's life was upside down. Victor had given her a mission: to travel to El Salvador, meet the ARL research centre, and find scientist Eduardo Miller, who would reveal to her the whole truth about the prophecies. But before Miller could give her explanations, nature had shown its fury... Now she needed to reach the legendary Mayan temple and help the chosen one in his mission. The future of all mankind is in her hands. If she fails, everyone will die!

The Flight of the Phoenix


Natália is the secretary of a famous law firm, a position of which she holds with her hard work, just as her freedom and her independence of being able to afford a simple apartment but hers. Coming from a humble family, Natália grew up alongside Andrew, a problematic boy that swears he hears voices from beyond and sees Death accompanying people that are dying.
    That day, she wakes up indisposed, in a lot pain and feeling dizzy. She got up with a lot of effort and still had on her memory images of a nightmare. Natália went to answer her boss’ call that morning and lost her senses. She wakes up two days later in a hospital bed and faces a new reality: a will and joy to live her life, even though she knows she has a brain aneurysm that may not let her live long enough to make her new dreams come true.
    Among Natália’s new desires, the strongest one is to find the man that have been tormenting her nights in nightmares. For that, she counts fully on Andrew’s help, who encourages her to start regression. However, during the sessions she sees herself facing horrible memories from past lives and of how she witnessed many times the catastrophic deaths of this same strange man.
    Andrew, not only supports her decision to find out who this man is but also, follows her in a journey through the unknown. Once Natália finds the untouchable man of her dreams, she has to come up with a way calling his attention and making him listen to her account, who is convinced that this time she can prevent this man’s premature death.

Dream Lords


A parallel universe exists inside dreams. Beings able to invade minds. Mythological creatures lost in oblivion.

Lorena thought she was going crazy. Every night, her arch enemy Hank Hirano invaded her dreams and haunted her. If having to put up with him in Physical Education class wasn't bad enough, Lorena's teacher made Hank her study partner in Biology class for the entire semester. 
She wouldn't have tolerated Hank's presence if he hadn't confessed to having the exact same dreams as Lorena. Her curiosity together with Hank's great grades in Biology were good enough reasons for Lorena to put up with him for a few hours a day.
Her quest for answers will lead Lorena into a completely unknown universe where humans and Kitsunes, the famous foxes with nine tails, are both allies, in their creation of a dangerous organization of Dream Lords, and mortal enemies



"I looked around for something to defend myself, but the darkness flooded the house and I couldn't find a knife or threatening object. I clung ridiculously to a broom handle, the only thing my hands groped in the pitch, and returned to the foot of the stairs, ready to wage a life-and-death battle with whoever it was. I went up the first two steps of the staircase, one hand clenched my fatal weapon firmly and the other one was resting on the handrail. I felt the first drops of sweat trickling down my icy skin, just as two sinister yellow-green eyes appeared on the landing. I did not know that I could take such a cowardly attitude, but I jumped back, so hard that I stumbled and fell down on the first step and was seized with a piercing pain. The fraction of a second that I remained on the floor, which seemed to have lasted for hours, was just enough for the cat to throw itself at me, as terrified as I was. I held the kitten in one hand as I let go of my wooden weapon. He did not attack me, he stared at me with the similar admiration I had, relieved to realise that I was not a devouring monster. I took a deep breath, feeling my heart beat more slowly. I got up. The cat jumped from my lap and ran away, stopping at some point behind me. I reached up, wiping away the cold sweat that had bathed my warm forehead. The cat's yowl immediately yanked me away from my comforting, relaxing condition. I squinted my eyes in the darkness and recognised a human silhouette and a pair of bright eyes that faced me on the landing. Frightened, I bent slightly, groping the floor around me looking for my broom, but all I touched was the icy wooden floor."

Open Highway - Silent Partner
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